Global Research: 10-06-2024,

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Article first published by Global Research on May 23, 2023



Absolutely stunning,

An Astute Intelligence Op.

The election of Zelensky in 2019 was intent upon acquiring the ethnic Russian vote in Donbass. 

A Russian Jew transformed into a Nazi?

See the video below. 


Zelensky is Jewish. He supports the Nazi Azov Battalion, the two Nazi parties, which have committed countless atrocities against the Jewish community in Ukraine.  

He belongs to a Russian-Jewish family. He was brought up as a native Russian speaker, who until recently was not fluent in Ukrainian. 

And the Western media in chorus are endorsing the Zelensky proxy regime without bating an eyelid. The Kiev regime is upheld as a democracy. 


And now this Jewish-Russian proxy president wants to “ban everything Russian”,

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