Matthew Ehret: 05-07-2024,

Since the start of 2008, there’s been a quiet monster growing in the USA oil fields of how to dispose of the radioactive isotope laden, toxic heavy metal contaminated waters that come with the oil and gas production. As the number of wells drilled increased, so did the size and extent of the problem – and nowhere is it more evident than the Zombie Wells phenomena happening in the Permian Basin. Three of the five biggest Earthquakes in Texas’ history have occured in the last 18 months and the regulators still haven’t addressed the issues surrounding the proven groundwater pollution that’s already occured.

Join the Canadian Patriot Review for a special live presentation and Q and A where special guest Bill Burch

Speaker Bio: William “Bill” Burch is an oilwell firefighter and drilling engineer based out of Houston, Texas. He’s worked in 60+ countries and holds patents in water treatment and hydrogen production. Bill recently ran for executive office in the State of Texas for the Texas Railroad Commission which is one of the most powerful Energy positions in the United States.

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