Forbidden Knowledge TV: 08-06-2024,

I have largely steered clear from the topics of Nazis and WWII, because it is nightmare that I prefered to ignore but one that I’ve come to realize I cannot continue to ignore.

So, I’m getting my feet wet, so to speak by watching this film – and just the first ten minutes of this is like falling off a building!

This 10-part film series, written, directed and produced pseudonymously by Tobias Bratt in Sweden received an IMDb score of 7.4, despite IMDb’s withering review and the scathing pronouncements of Wikipedia, calling it a:

Neo-Nazi propaganda film…that promotes antisemitic conspiracy theories, including Holocaust denial

“The film promotes various antisemitic conspiracy theories, claiming that Karl Marx was part of a centuries-long plan by Jews to spread communism and take over the world[1][14] and that Jews control the world’s money supply[7] and are conspiring to engineer the downfall of the white race by encouraging immigration and interracial relationships.[15] 

Due to these kinds of write-ups, I’ve shunned the ‘Europa’ series like the plague since its release in 2017 but suddenly, so many people recommended or referred this film to me, that I had to take a look.

This film claims that in 1862,

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