Bill Rice, Jr.: 24-06-2024, Fauci’s principal life skill is that, in Kennedy’s words, he’s a “master of bureaucratic survival.”

For a while now, I’ve wanted to write a story about Anthony Fauci and the response to the AIDS/HIV crisis. In my opinion, genuine science became “politicized” (and probably perished) in the mid-1980s with this alleged universal healthcare crisis.

As it turns out, I don’t have to write this article because Jeffrey H. Anderson has just done this.

The following essay (“Fauci was just a symptom”) focusses on the Fauci-led AIDS/HIV response. The author uses research from Robert Kennedy, Jr. to support points made in his essay.

Mr. Anderson shared this essay with Jeffrey Tucker of The Brownstone Institute and Jeffrey forwarded it to the group of writers who submit stories to Brownstone. 

I don’t think the author would mind me re-publishing his intro email and an excerpt from his excellent and important essay. (Emphasis and sub-headlines added by myself).

“This essay on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s provocative book, The Real Anthony Fauci, highlights that whether it’s public health research or “climate change” research, most science funding in America now funnels through a small cabal of self-interested bureaucrats—and those who don’t tow the party line don’t get the funding. This arrangement, which badly compromises both genuine science and republican government, is what enabled the unscrupulous, power-mongering, slithering Fauci to do great damage for 40 years,

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