Bill Rice, Jr.: 07-06-2024, Dr. Robert Redfield became more candid after he was CDC director.

In a recent interview with Chris Cuomo, former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield made several eye-opening comments about the government’s Covid response and “vaccines.” However, what stood out to me (and has generated scant coverage) were Redfield’s views that the novel coronavirus was being transmitted in Wuhan between “August and October 2019.”

While I appreciate this former prominent public health official’s seeming corroboration of “early spread,” other Redfield comments on the subject struck me as incongruous or non-sensical.

I also note that Chris Cuomo didn’t follow-up on Redfield’s observation that virus spread might have begun four months before the official narrative, which shows that mainstream journalists still don’t understand the implications of this hypothesis – namely, “early spread”=a virus that is not “deadly” …. because wide-spread early infections clearly didn’t cause a spike in all-cause deaths in these three or four months of early spread.

(Emphasis added by author).

“We now know that the transmission of Covid-19 probably began between August and October of 2019  .. and clearly (Chinese officials) knew it. They were well-informed,” said Redfield.

Redfileld notes that “in the middle of September (2019),” three things happened at the Wuhan Institute of Virology that “raise high suspicion.”

  1. Chinese officials “changed the leadership at the lab” from civilian to military control. It had previously been a “dual-use” lab,

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