UNZ: 07-06-2024,

At any given time, millions of Americans are involved in either a criminal case or civil lawsuit at some level of the local, state or federal court system. Very few people reach the end of their lives without encountering judges and juries charged with determining the fate of their freedom and savings accounts.

For most people, the legal system feels like a meatgrinder. Cops and officials, paid by you, the taxpayer, treat you like dirt. Court fees and lawyers bleed you dry. Your reputation is at risk. So is your sanity. Nothing makes sense.

The courts impose a series of annoying, painful experiences that belie the fundamental constitutional guarantees they teach us in school and cast doubt on the assertion that we all enjoy equal justice under the law. Like a surgical procedure, time spent in an American courtroom is best gotten through as fast as possible and quickly forgotten. Never mind reform; even incremental improvement of the legal system is usually unthinkable.

High-profile trials open a rare window into countless indignities suffered by everyday litigants and defendants. If change is possible, it can only result from the bright spotlight of a full-fledged media circus like former President Donald Trump’s legal travails, especially his recently concluded New York hush money trial, at which he was convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records to influence the 2016 presidential election. If we pay attention, this is an excellent chance to take notice of outrages that affect everyone,

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