UNZ: 07-06-2024,

Credit Image: © Daniel Heuer/ZUMA Press Wire

Credit Image: © Daniel Heuer/ZUMA Press Wire

One of the first things Joe Biden did after he was elected was undo Donald Trump’s immigration legacy. He stopped deportations and border wall construction, and called for amnesty. That summer, he ended President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. CNN ran a picture of a young man holding a Nicaraguan flag, with the caption: “He feared for his life in Nicaragua. Under Biden’s new policy, he is safe in the US.” In May 2023, Mr. Biden ended Title 42, which Mr. Trump had used to bounce illegals on public health grounds and reject most appeals for amnesty. No wonder there was a rush to the border.

Under American law, foreigners can claim asylum for many reasons, including coming from dangerous countries, being homosexual, or any number of subjective claims, including a credible claim of “fear.” If we want immigrants at all, they should be productive, intelligent, and want to be American. Under the current system, described by Auron MacIntyre in The Total State, people who are dependent, unemployable, sick, or unassimilable have an advantage. They justify more wealth redistribution, vote Democrat, and are recruits for activists and mobs agitating against whites.

Illegal immigration has surged under Mr. Biden. In a post on his administration, FactCheck.org noted that about 4.2 million people had either entered or been released into the country with orders (usually ignored) to appear before an immigration court.

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