Matthew Ehret: 02-07-2024,

There is more than enough insanity packed into the average weekly news cycle these days to fill a lifetime.

So for this weeks’ episode of The Multipolar Reality on Rogue News, V and I decided on taking a slightly different angle to our analysis by looking at the positive anti-Malthusian breakthroughs that have been happening over the past few weeks which western media outlets have all but ignored.

The clash between open vs closed system paradigms is burning hot, and by looking at the incredible breakthroughs on space technology, lunar mining, and fusion energy led by China and Russia will we have an ability to appreciate the nature of human history, why the oligarchy hates human creativity, and why the sovereign nation state system has been targetted for self-destruction.

What does China’s successful of the Chang’e-6 lunder from the far side of the moon mean for global strategy?

What does the Russia-Chinese treaty to jointly construct a permanent scientific lunar base mean? How do agreements on fusion propulsion in space or new discoveries of fusion on earth affect the plans for world depopulation?

What intention did John F Kennedy have when he challenged humanity to tie our economic destiny to the universe?

By going through the this history of US-China-Russian cooperation on next generation technologies tied to deep space exploration, and unlocking the secrets of the sub-atomic domain, a better appreciation for the power of the human mind and the resonance of the human species with the entirety of the universe becomes clear both from a theological/metaphysical standpoint as well as a material standpoint.

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