UNZ: 06-06-2024,

I had my first essay published on The Unz Review in February 2023 and my most recent previous one this past April. In total, with this current writing, I’ve had 15 essays published on this site so far. It has been an interesting and educational experience for me. I have tried to share some of my insights regarding national and international events, while at the same time gathering new insights from reader comments. In particular, I have been educated quite a bit by readers regarding the corrupt and evil Zionist influence in America and the world. I am grateful to the readers for that education, which has helped me develop and mature my political perspectives.

Before I began posting essays on The Unz Review, I wrote political material for Intellectual Conservative, beginning in 2020. But I’ve actually been working as an educational writer and editor since 1993, covering science, technology, medicine, world/current events, politics, history, music, art, sexuality, cultural issues, and a wide range of other subject matter. Prior to making my living as a writer, I worked as a laboratory and field biologist, a naturalist, and a wildlife keeper.

My new book of essays

For the past couple months, I’ve been busy compiling more than 90 of my essays from the past 10 years on political, scientific, societal, cultural, and other issues into a 450-page book that I have titled Searching for Truth in the Empire of Lies: An Evolution of Political and Societal Perspectives During the Decline of America and its Empire.

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