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Report: Pro-Russia Commentator Has Passport Seized at the Airport While Boarding a Plane to Russia

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Video from June 4

This week, Scott Ritter, a prominent alternative media internet figurehead, reportedly had his passport seized by American authorities while attempting to board a plane to Russia.

Ritter is a geopolitical commentator who is focused primarily on Russian issues. He was a former employee of the US Military and the United Nations. At the latter, he was a weapons inspector, and reported that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He became outspoken against the war, and was then did-up on some underage girl nonsense on the internet in the 00s. They actually sent the poor bastard to prison for texting with a federal agent who said he was an underage girl. (It’s impressive that he was able to come back from that. They basically destroy people’s reputations permanently with these various sexual hoaxes.)

I’m not a close follower of Ritter. From what I’ve seen of his materials, I would probably agree with all of his beliefs,

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