Matthew Ehret: 01-06-2024,

This Sunday June 2nd at 2pm ET, I will be delivering a presentation on Edgar Allan Poe’s intervention into oligarchist corruption coming to dominate the USA during the early years of the republic.

During this presentation we will look at Poe’s creation of detective mysteries and how his character Inspector Dupin was turned inside out by Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation of Sherlock Holmes.

Several exercises in Poe’s practical method of analysis (dubbed his ‘art of ratiocination’) will be showcased featuring the real reasons for the purge of American patriotic freemasonic lodges, Poe’s refutation of artificial intelligence, the rosicrucian takeover of America, why Poe battled the transcendentalists, an occult ritual that saw a young associate of Poe’s murdered (Mary Cecilia Rogers), a strange hub of occultism in New Jersey organized around ‘Sibyl’s Cave, Theosophists and the multiple connections tying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Jack the Ripper.

Tune in Sunday June 2nd at 2pm Eastern Time using the zoom link below to access the live lecture + Q/A:

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