Matthew Ehret: 25-05-2024,

As part of the fight against the modern version of occultism, this presentation will take a look into the genius of Mary Shelley.

Most of us think of Mary Shelley simply as the wife of the English poet Percy Shelley, who after his death, would organize and publish all of his poetry, plays and writings. 

But we should also think of her as the author of novels, short stories, reviews and especially of her masterpiece ‘Frankenstein’.

And for those who haven’t actually read this psychological thriller, please disregard all of Hollywood’s cartoonish and nonsensical horror movies that may have distorted your image of this under-appreciated woman and author.

Tune in this Sunday May 26 at 2pm Eastern Time for a lecture by Gerald Therrien, historian and RTF advisor who will showcase the real intention behind Mary Shelley’s classic tale and much more. Click the zoom link below to access the live presentation:

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