Forbidden Knowledge TV: 26-06-2024,

by Sputnik News

Key statements from the briefing by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, the head of the Troops of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defence of the Russian armed forces:

• According to available information, radiochemicals continue to be imported into Ukraine for further utilization

• The creation of a technical and legal framework allows the United States to build up its biological-military capabilities in various regions of the world.

• The main supply routes for radiochemicals to Ukraine are organized through Poland and Romania.

• The importation of radiochemicals turns Ukraine into a dumping ground for spent nuclear fuel and waste from hazardous chemical production facilities.

• Academy of Sciences of Ukraine authorized the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) to conduct dual-use bioprospecting under the agreement between the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Pentagon.

• In 2023, the SBU asked the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences to study samples of chemical, radiological, nuclear and bioweapons and traces of their use.

• The reform of Ukraine’s health care system, initiated at the direction of the United States, has created conditions for the implementation of military biological programs.

• In the course of the special military operation, SBU documents were obtained confirming the interest of the Zelensky regime in continuing work on weapons of mass destruction.


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