UNZ: 05-06-2024,

The Hegemon is calculating for a World War to halt multipolarity. It supports Israel’s Gaza genocide as a necessary evil to win hard in West Asia, figuring who’s going to care once the war goes global?

The St Petersburg Economic Forum (SPIEF) takes place this week. It’s one of the go-to annual meetings across Eurasia. The overall theme in 2024 is “multipolarity,” quite fitting considering this is the year of the Russian presidency of BRICS. The BRICS summit next October in Kazan will be crucial in drawing the contours of the road map towards multipolarity going forward.

Ay, there’s the rub. Taking us to arguably the key question facing the Global Majority: How can we afford to dream about multipolarity when we are plunged into The Unthinkable, reduced to the role of mere spectators, watching a genocide broadcast 24/7 on every smartphone on the planet?

The – avowedly imperfect – International Court of Justice (ICJ) at least ordered the biblical genocidals to stop bombing Rafah. Israel’s response? They bombed Rafah. Worse, they burned children alive in refugee tents. With American missiles.

And the genocide will continue at least until the end of this multipolar year, as boasted by Israeli intel. The Global Majority at least clearly sees how the “rules-based international order” works. Yet that’s not much of a comfort.

The ICJ order to stop the carnage in Rafah, plus the ICC drive to seek warrants for the arrest of top Israeli leaders for serial war crimes in Gaza,

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