Matthew Ehret: 20-05-2024,

Part 1: Newton, Rosicrucianism and the Imperial Control of Science
Part 2: Tesla’s Eugenics (and other Black Magick)
Part 3: Tesla and his Nazi Friend… The Strangest Friendship
Part 4: Tesla’s Martians and H.G. Wells
Part 5: Tesla: From Extreme Empiricist to Father of A.I. Gods
Part 6: Why Tesla Flattened Space and Attacked Einstein
Part 7: Tesla Evolves a New Species!
Part 8: Bulwer’s Dream and the Coming Race
Part 9: Thomas Huxley’s War on the Soul and the Rise of Social Imperialism
Part 10: Tesla’s Mentor Sir William Crookes: Scientist at the Service of the Occult

In the last chapter of the series Occult Tesla, you were introduced to the figure of Sir William Crookes, Tesla mentor, Rosicrucian high priest and popularizer of occultism who rose to the ranks of most powerful scientist of the British Empire when he was elected President of the British Royal Society in 1913.

In that location, the peculiar relationship between science and a global occult revival was examined coordinated by the British Society for Psychical Research (which Crookes also led as President). Not only did this occult revival drive a re-organization of the decaying British Empire, but aspired to establish a new world religion premised on demonology, spirit channelling, and a hybrid of western Gnosticism/hermeticism fused with eastern mysticism as outlined by the Theosophist movement.

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