The Reese Report: 06-06-2024,

There are many claims that Russia has fared better than most big countries during this deadly era of fake pandemics and experimental mandated shots. And so I traveled to Russia last December to see for myself. What I learned was that this is true, but the government is not to credit for this. While elements of the Russian Federation do protect and preserve the Russian people and their culture, the evidence shows that they were administering the same deadly shots as we’ve seen in the West.

The number of deaths in Russia during the roll-out of their vaccines exceeded 2.4 million people, making it the worst year of deaths since 1945. Data shows a correlation between vaccination and the increase in morbidity and mortality. And the head of the Russian ministry of health urged pregnant women to get the shot, saying it will contribute to a more comfortable and safe pregnancy.

It’s not the government that is saving the Russian people, it is the people themselves. What I noticed the most about the Russian people, is that they are far more united than the American people. And everyone I’ve talked to here has told me that during the mask mandates and vaccine push, the majority of people unitedly ignored them. The police wore their masks below the chin and didn’t enforce them on the people. And employers were forging documents to show vaccination when there was none.

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