UNZ: 27-06-2024,

My 16-month old & I were denied entry on a @united flight back to Austin bc I used the wrong pronoun for the attendant. We have no luggage, nothing. we’re stranded in San Francisco. What are my rights? @elonmusk @jchilders98 pic.twitter.com/2b1rC14wg4

— The Period Guru ® (@JennaLongoria) June 26, 2024

These trannies are everywhere now. They’ve taken to the skies.

No one knows how to deal with them. Even people who will go around talking about how much they like trannies have no idea what to do when they come face-to-face with a real life tranny.

But we all have to do it now, and as much as the media talks about trannies and promotes them, there is no instruction manual about what you are supposed to do when you end up in an aggressive confrontation with a tranny.

They are all aggressive, by the way. These trannies are everywhere and al of their interactions with other humans are aggressive.

New York Post:

A Texas woman traveling with her 16-month old son and mother claims she was kicked off her flight home on Wednesday after she accidentally misgendered a flight attendant.

Jenna Longoria, a women’s health and hormone expert from outside of Austin, was boarding her flight around 9 a.m. at San Francisco International Airport when she said she slipped up and addressed the United crew member by their wrong pronoun multiple times,

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