RT-Engels: 12-07-2024,

The US president called the Russian leader a “murderous madman” at the NATO summit in Washington

US President Joe Biden’s latest insult of Russian President Vladimir Putin is “unacceptable,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Friday.  

During a press conference following this week’s NATO summit in Washington, Biden stated that “some of the oldest and deepest fears” in Europe had “roared back to life because once again a murderous madman was on the march,” referring to the Russian president. Biden suggested that the Ukraine conflict has been “a rude awakening” for those “who thought NATO’s time had passed.”  

Commenting on the NATO summit and Biden’s remark, Peskov stressed that the Kremlin sees the US president’s behavior as “absolutely unacceptable, impermissible for a head of state.” 

The spokesman added that such statements “do not paint the American leader in a good light,” and noted that Moscow continues to “pay direct attention” to such outbursts.  

Peskov was also asked to comment on the numerous gaffes that plagued Biden’s speech during the summit, including mixing up Russia and Ukraine, announcing Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky as “President Putin” and referring to former President Donald Trump as the US vice president instead of Kamala Harris.  

The spokesman stated that “we have paid attention to the fact that the whole world has paid attention to this,” but stated that Moscow can offer no other comments on this matter,

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