RT-Engels: 12-07-2024,

The publication is based on the work of Western war correspondents covering the Eastern front

The Russian History Perspective Fund has released a new history book covering the events on the Eastern Front and battles between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

The book, titled ‘Miracle in the East. Western war correspondents report. 1941–1945.’, is based on wartime publications by Western war correspondents.

The book has been published in both Russian and English, with the latter featuring additional multimedia materials. The English version was released by the Fund on Friday and is available on its website. 

“The emphasis is on telling a consistent story, because in the modern world the idea of the role of the Red Army and the Soviet people in the victory over fascism has been lost. Moreover, the entire history of World War II is being revised and distorted,” the NGO said in a statement. 

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The publication is expected to spark particular interest in the West, given that it is based on the first-hand experience of Western war correspondents who were working in the field at the time. The view provided by these witnesses to the dramatic wartime events sharply contrasts with the revisionist take on World War II that has spread in the West over the past decades, the Fund noted. 

“This English version of the book is particularly relevant, as it addresses readers both in the US and in Europe.

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