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The event reportedly lasted only ten minutes before law enforcement called it off for security reasons

The Ukrainian capital of Kiev hosted a gay parade on Sunday for the first time since the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The event featured a large police presence and was stopped after just a few minutes for “security reasons,” according to local media reports.

The parade was organized by the KyivPride group, an organization that promotes LGBTQ rights in Ukraine, to mark Pride Month. The organizers announced their intention to hold the march in early May but provided few details about the event.

According to the Ukrainian media, strict security measures were imposed. Preliminary registration was required for attendance and the starting location and route details were only divulged to registered participants.

The organizers reportedly initially planned to hold it in the Kiev metro but this was not allowed by the city authorities on the grounds that metro stations also serve as bomb shelters and are thus “dual-use facilities and a part of the city’s critical infrastructure.”

Марш КиївПрайд 2024 відбувся! У столиці вперше за час повномасштабної війни відбувся Марш КиївПрайд. Попри погрози, тиск, всі небезпеки та ще й зливу, ми вийшли, щоб заявити про свої права! pic.twitter.com/COd4So1qIV

— KyivPride (@KyivPride) June 16, 2024

Participants instead gathered in the Kiev office of the Ukrainian Ukrinform news agency in the city center and walked past it for around ten minutes before the police called the event off,

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