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The Republican presidential hopeful was shot during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday

The New York Times has published a photo appearing to show a bullet flying past Donald Trump’s head, at the moment he was targeted by a gunman at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. The image was captured by veteran NYT photographer Doug Mills at the campaign event in the city of Butler, where the Republican presidential hopeful was giving a speech in the run-up to the November 5 election.

Several shots were fired, killing one spectator and severely injuring two more. Trump was whisked off stage by Secret Service agents, and later moved to a “safe” place.” Security officials later reported that the 20-year-old suspected shooter, who had reportedly fired from a nearby rooftop, was shot and killed.

Mills’ photo shows what appears to be a bullet streaking through the air to the right of Trump’s head. The photographer, who has been taking pictures of US presidents for more than four decades, described his experience to colleagues at the NYT.

A remarkable photo captured by my former White House Press Corps colleague Doug Mills. Zoom in right above President Trump’s shoulder and you’ll see a bullet flying in the air to the right of President Trump’s head following an attempted assassination. pic.twitter.com/FqmLBCytoW

— Haraz N. Ghanbari (@HarazGhanbari) July 14, 2024

Mills said the event started out as a “very standard,

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