RT-Engels: 18-07-2024,

The anniversary of the South African leader’s birth is celebrated worldwide on July 18

In an exclusive interview with RT, Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter said the South African leader’s legacy of strength and courage is more relevant than ever. Tukwini Mandela reflected on his unwavering commitment to unity and justice, qualities she believes are sorely needed in the current global landscape.

On Thursday, the world celebrates the anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first president and a global icon for his anti-Apartheid efforts. His legacy is honored as a symbol of activism, justice, and equality, inspiring millions across the globe.

Reflecting on the significance of Mandela Day for contemporary South Africa, Tukwini recalled his belief in unity and the power of collective strength.

“It’s about remembering my grandfather’s legacy, his strength, and his courage,” she said. “He believed in the power of unity among the human race and that nothing was impossible if we stood together.

“In today’s world, where there’s a severe lack of leadership and turbulent times, people are more likely to remember what my grandfather stood for as a leader. He would be really disappointed with what’s happening today.”

Tukwini said her grandfather was consistent both in public and private life, describing him as loving and humorous, always engaging with his family through stories of his past experiences. She emphasized the importance of remembering his values of unity and respect,

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