RT-Engels: 17-07-2024,

It’s all been downhill for the incumbent US president since his ill-fated debate with Donald Trump, and attempts to salvage his chances for a second term seem to be falling short

By Alan Lolaev, visiting researcher at the Laboratory for Political Geography and Contemporary Geopolitics, Higher School of Economics (Moscow)

Joe Biden’s disastrous performance at the recent presidential debate has had a serious impact on his reelection bid. A series of gaffes and vague statements left even the most loyal Biden voters no chance of making him out as the winner of the debate. Donald Trump, meanwhile, took advantage of his opponent’s mistakes, at every opportunity reminding American voters that the current commander-in-chief is incapable of not only governing the country, but also of finishing a sentence.

The (?) between Trump supporters and Democratic elites

Last week, Joe Biden held perhaps one of the most important press conferences of this election cycle. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Washington, the president sought to convince his critics and supporters that he is mentally capable of serving another four years as president.

During the speech, which lasted just under an hour, Biden actively criticized Trump, noting his lack of public events after the debate. He reproached Trump for doing practically nothing, while Biden himself is actively campaigning. He also stressed that the foreign leaders he met at the NATO summit expressed concern about the prospect of a second Trump term.

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