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In search of a negotiated solution, African leaders are ready to visit both countries again, Ronald Lamola has said

The conflict in Ukraine cannot be resolved without Russian participation, South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Ronald Lamola has said. 

Following a speech in London, Lamola added that African leaders were ready to visit Moscow and Kiev again in pursuit of a negotiated solution.

“Whatever peace mission initiative that must happen, it must include both parties. We don’t see how you can achieve peace in this process without also engaging with Russia,” he stated.

During a visit to the UK, Lamola met with UK Foreign Secretary David Lammy to discuss various issues, including the conflict in Ukraine.

“The point where we do not agree is Ukraine and Russia – how Great Britain views it and how we view the resolution of the conflict,” he said. “But we agreed to continue to engage.”

Putin and South African leader discuss possible Ukraine peace

In March, according to the Kremlin statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa that Moscow remains committed to engaging in meaningful discussions aimed at achieving a political and diplomatic resolution to the Ukraine conflict.

Last June, the South African president led a seven-member delegation of leaders from across the continent under the African Peace Initiative to Russia and Ukraine, seeking to secure ceasefire commitments from both sides. Moscow expressed interest in examining a ten-point plan proposed by the mission,

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