RT-Engels: 20-07-2024,

Washington is seeking to build a growing alliance with New Delhi, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has said

Washington is seeking to convince New Delhi that deepening ties with Russia and China will create difficulties for US-India relations, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Friday.

Speaking at the 2024 Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, Sullivan said the US sees “enormous opportunity on technology, economics and in the statecraft and geopolitics of the wider Indo-Pacific region” and wants to deepen this relationship.

“Russia is getting closer and closer to China and as the junior partner to China is not necessarily going to be a great reliable friend to India in a future contingency or crisis” he said. “It’s something that we take into account as we have our strategic dialogue with India.”

After tensions between India and China increased dramatically following a clash along their disputed border in 2020, New Delhi has strengthened its partnerships with the US, enraging Beijing.

India’s neutral stance regarding the Ukraine conflict, however, suggests that even though New Delhi may be enhancing its partnership with the US, Russia continues to be an important partner for India and, according to Sullivan, it will not abandon these ties.

“India has a historic relationship with Russia that they’re not going to cut off, but we do believe that we want to continue to have a deep dialogue with India about the specifics and the nature of that relationship,” he said.

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