RT-Engels: 16-07-2024,

A Russian paratrooper has managed to down a large Ukrainian drone carrying an explosive payload with small arms, a video that has appeared on the internet, has shown. Footage published by one of the Telegram channels linked to the military demonstrated the serviceman firing at the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) until it fell to the ground an exploded.

A 30-seconds black-and-white clip recorded with night vision equipment shows what appears to be a quadcopter, which a soldier is trying to center in his cross hairs. The serviceman can also be heard firing single rounds at the UAV. Another Telegram channel linked to the military stated that the soldier fired a flak cannon at the drone.

At some point, the sniper hits the mark and the drone catches fire before falling to the ground. A loud blast can be heard in the background, with one soldier shouting: “it exploded” and another one saying that he hit his target.

Although the UAV on the video appeared to look like a regular small quadcopter hovering in the sky, a caption to the video suggested that it was a “Baba Yaga” class drone. Originally designed as agricultural equipment, those drones are known for their large size and ability to carry heavy payloads of up to 50 kilograms.

Named after a witch-like character from Slavic folklore, the ‘Baba Yaga’ drone can come in quadcopter, hexacopter or even octocopter variants. According to the Russian military,

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