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Militants targeted synagogues, churches and the police in the Russian region of Dagestan 

The southern Russian region of Dagestan was rocked on Sunday by a series of deadly attacks in two major cities, in which assailants deliberately targeted worshippers at synagogues and Orthodox Christian churches.

Where did it happen

Dagestan is one of several Muslim-majority regions in Russia’s Northern Caucasus, that stretches along the coast of the Caspian Sea. The tragic scenes unfolded in the regional capital Makhachkala, and Derbent, a large city some 120 km to the south.

Derbent attacks

During a raid on a Christian church in the city, militants brutally killed its archpriest, Father Nikolay Kotelnikov, security officials have confirmed. The gunmen broke into the church on Pentecost Sunday, after the evening service and reportedly slit the 66-year-old’s throat, after killing a guard.

Orthodox priest brutally murdered in southern Russia 

The Derbent synagogue that came under attack had recently strengthened its security, with a police squad stationed outside and private security guards on the premises, according to the Russian Jewish Congress, a national religious organization.

The police and security personnel were the first to confront the gunmen and were killed by the attackers, who raided the synagogue some 40 minutes before an evening prayer. The terrorists then used firebombs to set the building on fire.

Makhachkala attacks

Violence in the regional capital apparently began with a raid on a traffic police post. Among multiple videos circulating online, one features a group of three men.

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