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Republican lawmakers are urging the US leader to resign after dropping out of presidential race

US President Joe Biden has declared that he plans to serve out the remainder of his term, which officially ends in January, but he is facing growing pressure from critics to step down after deciding not to seek re-election in November.

Just moments after Biden announced his decision on Sunday, Rep. Richard Hudson, chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, accused Democrats of lying to the American people. He argued that if Biden lacks the mental capacity to run for re-election, he cannot continue to serve the remainder of his term.

“This is a scandal of historic proportions. President Biden is incapacitated, Democrats knew, and they lied to the American people to cover it up. If Biden is mentally unfit to campaign, he is mentally unfit to have the nuclear codes,” Hudson wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

Republicans call on dropped-out Biden to resign, Clintons endorse Harris

US House Speaker Mike Johnson echoed that sentiment, calling the development an unprecedented juncture in American history” and urging Biden to resign immediately.

“If Joe Biden is not fit to run for President, he is not fit to serve as President. He must resign the office immediately. November 5 cannot arrive soon enough,” Johnson said in a statement, adding that the Democrats’ prospects “are no better” with Harris.

A host of Republican lawmakers also joined the chorus calling for Biden’s resignation.

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