RT-Engels: 25-06-2024,

The French president has warned that an election victory for the far left or the far right could lead to armed conflict

Upcoming legislative elections in France could lead to civil war if political parties on either the far left or the far right sweep to power, President Emmanuel Macron has warned, suggesting that only his centrist ruling coalition can prevent such a scenario.

Speaking on Monday in an interview on the “Generation Do It Yourself” podcast, Macron argued that both the right-wing National Rally party and the left-wing France Unbowed party have espoused divisive policies that stoke tensions. The first round of the elections will be held on Sunday, while the second round is scheduled for July 7.

Macron labeled the opposition parties as extremist and claimed that their rhetoric would trigger more conflict. “When you are fed up and daily life is hard, you can be tempted to vote for the extremes that have quicker solutions,” he said. “But the solution will never be to reject others.”

Macron just threw a live grenade at his own feet

The French president dissolved the country’s parliament and called for snap elections earlier this month, after Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party trounced his ruling coalition in the European Parliament elections. He has vowed to stay on as president until his five-year term ends in 2027, but an opposition-controlled legislature and government would dramatically shift the balance of power in Paris.

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