RT-Engels: 25-06-2024,

The effectively illegal decision will further erode the international legal system, Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos believes

The EU’s decision to take the profits generated by Russia’s frozen central bank assets and send them to Ukraine undermines the bloc itself and has serious implications for the international legal system, former Greek diplomat and ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos has told RT. 

The controversial move to seize €1.4 billion ($1.5 billion) in revenues accrued by the assets was announced by the EU’s foreign affairs chief, Josep Borrell, on Monday. According to Borrell, the bloc has agreed on “the legal framework” for the step. Borrell also claimed that how the funds will be used cannot be blocked by Hungary, a staunch opponent of seizing Russia’s immobilized assets, since it did not participate in the decision in the first place. 

The EU has no legal capacity to implement the decision whatsoever, and a true international consensus should be required for such a step, Chrysanthopoulos said, arguing that this is bound to damage the bloc itself.

“The EU again is undermining itself by what it is doing. First of all, if this world was a civilized world, you would need a decision of the Security Council or a decision of the International Court of Justice to go ahead and take such measures. But according to international law, [such measures] are illegal now,” the veteran diplomat argued. 

Moving forward with availing itself of the Russian assets despite Hungary’s opposition carries the risk of destroying the whole EU,

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