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The vice president has the edge over Trump in certain respects but struggles in others

After President Joe Biden stepped aside from the 2024 presidential election, a wise decision given his disastrous poll numbers and after a pitiful debate performance versus former President Donald Trump, Vice President Kamala Harris now appears to be taking the Democratic Party’s reins.

The California native, former prosecutor, senator, and failed 2020 presidential candidate has now taken over the Biden campaign’s apparatus and has secured most of the names necessary to take the nomination for president at the Democratic Party’s National Convention next month.

She appears to be seen as a step up from Biden, with the latest NPR/PBS/Marist poll showing Trump ahead by just one point, though within the survey’s 3.5 percentage point margin of error. Another Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday has Harris at 44% to Trump’s 42% in a head-to-head, though within that poll’s three-point margin of error. Finally, a Morning Consult poll has Harris behind Trump by just two points, compared to Biden’s then-six-point deficit.

The question of her running mate is in the air but Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro are the favorites, according to AP. 

With Biden out of the 2024 race, what’s the Deep State’s next move?

The key question now is whether Harris can defeat former President Trump. There are some compelling arguments for and against,

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