RT-Engels: 27-06-2024,

Nimisha was sentenced to capital punishment for poisoning a Yemeni with whom she opened a clinic in 2015. Her only recourse is to offer the dead man’s clan ‘blood money’ in exchange for freedom

Tomy Thomas (49) has had sleepless nights the past seven years because his wife Nimisha Priya (35) is on death row in faraway Yemen. Nimisha is from Kerala, south India, and her story has been hitting the headlines back home: she was convicted for the murder of her Yemeni business partner, and is awaiting a pardon from the victim’s family in exchange for ‘diya’, or blood money.

A major step towards a resolution was completed on Monday (June 24) when a group of Malayalis (as people from Kerala are known) completed collecting $40,000 required for the pre-negotiation with the clan heads (to which the victim’s family belongs). 

Of this sum, $20,000 was transferred to India’s ministry of external affairs. The ministry in turn will pass the money on to the Indian embassy in Djibouti, the country across the Horn of Africa, which handles India’s affairs in war-torn Yemen.

“Our next move is to connect with the clan heads and speed up the process,” advocate Subhash Chandran KR, who moved a writ petition on behalf of Nimisha’s mother, Prema Kumari (58) at the Delhi High Court, told RT. “Once that is done, we can begin crowdfunding for the actual blood money.” 

This is not the first instance of blood money being collected through a global Malayali crowdfunding effort.

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