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A political party has launched a nationwide self-defense project, citing domestic abuse statistics

Activists have launched a self-defense project aimed at women in Russia, citing high rates of abuse. The initiative comes amid a debate over the country’s laws on domestic violence.

Dubbed ‘Strike first’, the project was announced by the New People political party. One-hour training sessions featuring techniques on fending off an attack will be held in a dozen Russian cities in August, according to the party’s website

The project organizers cited official statistics showing that more than 16,000 Russian women suffered domestic violence in 2021 and 2022, while up to 1,000 were killed.

“It’s better to hit back than to end up in intensive care. Do not keep quiet and do not be afraid. If abuse is inevitable, you have to strike first,” New People MP Anna Skroznikova said.

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Russia does not have a law against domestic violence, and this type of abuse is not recognized as an aggravating circumstance for any other crime. 

“Law enforcement often fails to protect women when they need it. The only way to be safe is to be able to protect yourself,” the organizers of ‘Strike first’ said. 

Russian lawmakers have tried for a decade to introduce legislation on domestic abuse. Various attempts were unsuccessful due to “polarizing opinions” on the matter and concerns that such laws would “destroy families.”

A poll conducted last month found that 95% of women and 83% of men supported the adoption of legislation on domestic violence in Russia.

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