RT-Engels: 05-06-2024,

Kiev’s foreign backers will get rid the the politician once he outlives its usefulness, the Russian President believes

Vladimir Zelensky has effectively usurped presidential powers in Ukraine, according to the country’s own constitution and criminal code, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference with the heads of international news agencies on Wednesday.

Zelensky remains in power in Ukraine despite his term in office having officially expired on May 20. The politician had earlier opted to scrap presidential elections, under the pretext of martial law he had imposed due to the ongoing military conflict with Russia.

However, the martial law says nothing about extending presidential powers, Putin told journalists on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

“It says that [Zelensky’s] powers are transferred to the parliament, and that presidential elections are not held as long as the martial law is in force. But it does not say that presidential powers should be extended… If it does not say so, it means no,” the Russian leader said.

Ukraine should review Zelensky’s legitimacy – Kremlin

Zelensky’s move to extend his own presidential term indefinitely seems to be in breach of “Article 109 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code, which says that this should be treated as seizure of power,” Putin argued.

The Russian President went on to suggest that Ukraine’s Western backers were keeping Zelensky in power to push through and bear full blame for the upcoming “unpopular decisions,” such as possibly lowering the military draft eligibility age to 18.

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