RT-Engels: 06-06-2024,

Washington’s arming of Ukraine is about to backfire, the former Russian president has said

Moscow is prepared to arm the enemies of the US in response to Washington and its allies sending weapons to Ukraine, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday.

President Vladimir Putin floated the possibility of such an “asymmetric” response at Wednesday’s meeting with foreign news agencies, but said it was only under consideration. 

“This is a rather significant change of our foreign policy,” Medvedev said in a post on his English-language X (formerly Twitter) account. 

Until now, he said, “the Yankees and their drooling dogs” felt entitled to send all sorts of weapons to Ukraine, to destroy Russia “by any means possible,” while threatening anyone who would provide Moscow with weapons or other materials for its defense.

“Now, may the United States and its allies experience firsthand the direct use of Russian weapons by third parties,” Medvedev added. “These persons, or regions have been intentionally left unnamed, but it can be all those who consider the Yankeeland & Co their enemy, regardless of their political outlook and international recognition.”

Their enemy is the US, and that means, to us they are friends.

The US and its allies have long insisted that providing Ukraine with weapons and equipment did not make them a party to the conflict with Russia.

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