RT-Engels: 13-06-2024,

The bloc has become so paranoid that it’s starting to look like Enver Hoxha’s much derided dictatorship

In history, entire countries sometimes suddenly leave the path of normal development and begin to behave differently towards their neighbors. However, while this used to be typical of small and weak states, it is now characteristic of the whole of Western Europe, which was not previously afflicted by the ‘besieged fortress’ complex that underscores the national consciousness of Americans, for example.

Today, the European Union is beginning to resemble Albania during its dictatorship in the second half of the twentieth century. Its main achievement was the construction of hundreds of thousands of defenses along its borders with all its neighbors.

A program to build 200,000 bunkers throughout the territory of this small country in the Western Balkans was adopted by the ruling regime in the early 1970s and consistently implemented until the late 1980s. As a result, the bunkers were literally scattered all over, and became the best-known symbol of Albania. At the same time, they exposed what happens when paranoia becomes the main driving force behind all foreign policy. Many Western European politicians are now leading their nations down this path, and they are getting away with it. 

A few days ago, the head of the EU’s bureaucracy, Ursula von der Leyen, visited Finland and then happily wrote on a social network that she was impressed by how quickly the country had managed to build 50,000 underground bomb shelters for use in the event of ‘Russian aggression’.

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