RT-Engels: 17-07-2024,

Moscow and Budapest are trying to resume supplies of Russian oil to Hungary after transit was blocked via the territory of Ukraine, the TASS news agency has reported, citing Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto.

In June, Kiev toughened sanctions on Russian oil major Lukoil by banning it from using Ukraine as a transit country for energy supplies. Lukoil clinched a five-year deal for exporting around four million tons of oil a year with Hungarian energy firm Mol back in 2019.

The companies are working on an effective solution to the transit issue, Szijjarto reportedly told journalists on the sidelines of a UN conference in New York shortly after a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

“We discussed the issue of safe supplies of gas and oil to Hungary from Russia,” the minister said. “If we talk about oil supplies, a new legal situation has now arisen in Ukraine, forcing Lukoil to halt the supplies to Hungary.”

EU state bans imports of Russian oil

Ukraine introduced sanctions on Lukoil back in 2018, having banned the company from divesting its business in the country, as well as prohibiting trade operations and participation in the privatization or leasing of state property. The energy firm used to supply Hungary with Russian crude via the southern arm of the Druzhba oil pipeline that runs through the territory of Ukraine. Kiev’s latest move has prevented it from supplying the EU country.

Szijjarto added that Moscow and Budapest were working on a legal solution that would allow the two nations to resume oil deliveries,

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