RT-Engels: 22-05-2024,

Moscow could derail Kiev’s diplomatic campaign by presenting an alternative to its ‘peace formula’, the president has said

Russia must not be present at the Swiss-hosted Ukraine peace summit next month because it could gain the support of other countries and hijack Kiev’s agenda, President Vladimir Zelensky has said.

In an interview with Reuters on Tuesday, Zelensky weighed in on the prospects for the high-profile June 15-16 meeting on Lake Lucerne, which is expected to draw at least 50 delegations. Moscow has not been invited, although it has said it would not go even if it were, arguing that the summit will be devoted to promoting Ukraine’s “peace formula.”

The ten-point initiative calls for Moscow to withdraw from all territory Kiev claims as its own and for a tribunal to be set up to prosecute Russian officials for alleged war crimes. Moscow has dismissed the initiative as “detached from reality.”

According to Zelensky, the Swiss-hosted summit is meant to put international pressure on Russia, with nuclear security high on the agenda. He added that Kiev needs to win the support of a large number of countries, after which a joint plan of action could be developed.

Zelensky wants NATO to shoot down Russian missiles

”Why is Russia not involved? Because they will block everything. They will disrupt everything, they will not calm down until they show one or another plan for ending the war, which will be an ultimatum,” Zelensky claimed.

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