RT-Engels: 19-07-2024,

The Old World is extremely vulnerable to an American leader who could depart from the liberal Atlantic consensus

If I wanted to ape the mood of erstwhile Soviet political essays, I’d write something like this: “The loud echo of gunshots in Pennsylvania resounded across the Atlantic…” You can argue about the appropriateness of using a stylebook long consigned to history, but it’s the truth of the matter.

Across the European Union, they‘re in shock at what is happening in the United States. In the past two weeks alone, first the uproar over President Joe Biden’s embarrassment in the debate, and now the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, which has disrupted the entire election campaign and given the Republican a head start.

To be fair, it should be noted that Trump has not yet won the race – the most acute phase of the struggle has yet to come, and it is impossible to predict what might happen. It’s worth remembering the lessons of 2020. In the spring, almost no one doubted the extravagant president would win a second term, but the pandemic messed up everything and cost him the White House. We must assume that Trump and his strategists have not forgotten this experience, and won’t relax. But objectively, the conditions are now favorable.

The EU is at a loss. In the Old World, Trump has been demonized to the maximum extent possible. With the exception of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban,

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