RT-Engels: 19-07-2024,

“No guy in the world” can force Kiev to compromise with Russia, the Ukrainian leader has said

Ukraine is not afraid of Donald Trump being reelected this November and will not bow to pressure by his administration to compromise with Russia, Vladimir Zelensky has said.

Speaking to the BBC during a trip to the UK this week, Zelensky reiterated that his government seeks total victory in the conflict with Russia. If Trump is reelected US president in November, he believes the Republican will lean on Kiev to end the conflict “in 24 hours” – as he has promised on the campaign trail – by reconsidering Ukraine’s goals.

Speaking in English, Zelensky described a scenario in which US sanctions are lifted from Russia under Trump and President Vladimir Putin celebrates victory, saying: “We will never go on this, never. And there is no guy in the world who can push us to do it.”

Commenting on Trump’s pick of J.D. Vance – who is opposed to sending aid to Kiev – as his running mate, Zelensky said the vice presidential candidate “really doesn’t understand what goes on in Ukraine.” He acknowledged that dealing with a Trump administration would be “hard work” for his government, but said Kiev is not afraid of this.

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Later on, Zelenksy switched to Ukrainian to formulate his idea of how victory over Russia can be achieved without military action.

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