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Meanwhile, Russia’s advances on the frontlines and Vladimir Zelensky’s non-stop pleas for more military aid paint a different picture

The chief of NATO’s European Command, Christopher Cavoli, has described Ukraine’s losses on the frontlines as merely a sign it is “generating force” for a further offensive. In a speech at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado on Thursday, the bloc’s top general said Kiev’s overall military strategy is “great” in terms of balancing recruitment, training, and arms procurement.

According to Cavoli, in modern warfare, one “either wins fast and upfront” or is stuck “for a long slog full of unpredictable twists and turns,” which is the case in the Ukraine conflict.

“A lot of it’s going to come down to force generation capability, which side can generate force fastest and take advantage of that while they have a window of opportunity,” he stated, saying that this is what Kiev has been doing for the past few months.

“I think that they’ve got a great strategy. It is just a matter of prosecuting it,” he stated, stressing that force generation, or figuring out how best to use men, training, and weapons, is key to securing victory. He praised Kiev’s recent mobilization efforts and said that weapons deliveries from the West are also “proceeding well.”

Zelensky claims West too slow with F-16s

Conversely, the Ukrainian government has repeatedly blamed insufficient deliveries of Western arms for the failures of its forces on the battlefield.

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