UNZ: 06-06-2024,

With Eugene Volokh, founder of The Volokh Conspiracy seemingly fading away, the dominant voice at the website has become that of the far cruder and openly ethnocentric Ilya Somin.

Somin is also a Russian Jewish immigrant but arriving at the age of 5 he did better expropriating the fruits of American higher education, holding degrees from Amherst, Harvard and Yale. Volokh, although judging from his biography a much cleverer man, was confined to UCLA.

Somin is extremely voluble. In May alone he published 19 substantial essays on The Volokh Conspiracy.

These articles are comically predictable. A fanatical Open Borders man, he never exhibits any empathy for the great mass of his fellow Americans. He is strongly influenced by the interests of owners of capital.

I have been brooding about this classic example since it was posted: The “Migrant Crisis” is Caused by Flawed Work and Housing Policies, not Migrants, by Ilya Somin, The Volokh Conspiracy, February 20, 2024.

This piece is an absolute master class in Missing the Point, an Open Borders Brigade specialty: https://t.co/Z7qn28R8dt pic.twitter.com/jjBtK7biAa

— Some Random Conservatarian (@violacesario_) February 22, 2024

Somin asserts

  • Illegal Immigrants should immediately be allowed to work. The impact on the wages and living conditions Americans in their areas,

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