Forbidden Knowledge TV: 27-06-2024,

Somebody on TikTok whipped-up this video of Tore Maras with clips taken from ‘ShadowGate’, the most important movie you’ve never seen, if you haven’t seen it yet, in which case, you can watch it HERE.

This business, about deleting and inserting of information on the DNC server that Tore talks about is the reason why Seth was whacked by off-duty Feds hired by Rod Rosenstein.

This, according to “Luke” (Dr Jon McGreevey, former candidate for US Senator from Maryland in disguise, who is now either deceased – or hopefully, he faked his death), as he explained during a press conference put together in 2018 by John Burkman, who was later shot and run over with an SUV by Kevin Doherty, a wannabe Fed who Burkman had previously hired to help him investigate Seth’s murder – but who turned out to be an associate of these same crooked Feds from the Baltimore Office!

The video, was of course taken down but I transcribed everything “Luke” said about the scene of the crime.

We now live in a bonafide Third World Country.



Tore Maras: I think it’s about time people understand what happened. Seth Rich worked for the DNC. He was asked, just like I, he was asked, “Hey why don’t you go image the DNC server right there since you’re there for us so we can keep it safe.”

And he did so.

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